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Domestic, commercial & caravan upholstery & carpet cleaning

Few things can make any interior feel as clean and fresh as professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery. At home, the high usage areas such as hallways or living rooms carpets can quickly lose their initial freshness, while heavily used interiors such as caravans or office spaces need regular carpet cleaning to stay welcoming and hygienic.



MIVOP carpet cleaners in Llandrindod Wells provide a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial cleaning services in Mid-Wales, including upholstery and carpet cleaning: Aberystwyth, Brecon and Newtown are also within our range of operations.


Having your carpets cleaned will not only make them look better and feel fresher: it will also extend their life and save you money on replacement. Dirt and soil tread into the carpet can lead to rapid wear and tearing of the fibres.


Thinking of DIY carpet cleaner hire? Such equipment can frequently leave your carpets wet and with a substantial detergent residue, leading to unpleasant smells and even shrinkage.


We clean your carpets using powerful high-waterlift extraction machines that maximise dirt removal and minimise drying time. Our favourite is the Sabrina Santoema cleaner: efficient enough to clean big areas of wall-to-wall carpeting or large rugs but not at all unwieldy, designed for easy cleaning of smaller surfaces, not accessible to many typical industrial cleaners. It’s particularly suitable for thorough cleaning in smaller residential properties, as well as static and touring caravans. The powerful waterlift makes for exceptionally effective cleaning and very fast drying times.





Aberystwyth coastal area as well as inland Mid-Wales are dotted with holiday parks and other holiday accommodation. If you are getting your caravan or holiday home ready for the season – or ready for winterising – a thorough cleaning of the caravan’s carpets and upholstery will not only make it look and feel better but will prolong their working life. And if your caravan requires a full internal clean, we can provide that too: see our car valeting offer for motorhomes and touring caravan valeting and domestic cleaning offer for statics.


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