Regular and one-off cleaning services Mid-Wales

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MIVOP Cleaning is a family-run company founded by Michal and Iwona: experienced housekeepers, management and administration graduates, parents of two children, who have made Wales their home five years go.


We decided to create MIVOP Cleaning to provide our customers with a cleaning service that we would want to use ourselves: a cleaning service that we can be proud of.


We are a new company but between the team we have more than 10 years hands-on professional cleaning experience. We know what is important for people seeking cleaning services, and we aim to provide that to each of our customers, whether a one-off deep clean, or a regular weekly service.


We are a new company, so we cannot rely on customers staying with us through the force of habit and routine: we have to do our very best. We are a new company, and that’s why we try harder.




Meticulous attention to detail makes a difference between an adequate clean and a great one. Behind the toilet? Under the beds? That small ornament hiding behind a bigger one? We will do our best not to miss anything.




We have experience, professional knowledge and the right equipment so we can achieve outstanding results: an oven cleaner than you could imagine, a carpet with newly bright colours, gleaming wooden surfaces in your living room, absolutely spotless kitchen and bathroom tiles.




We know how important it is for you that we take good care of your property and we will not rush through risking breakages. We will also make sure that we use products suitable for the job and material, choosing specialist ones where necessary and avoiding those that could damage a surface or an object.




We will turn up on time, finish on time and if anything needs additional attention, we will see to it as soon as possible.




We are there to make your life easier, and we will work around and adapt to your needs and your schedule. We can be available at short notice and we don’t have minimum area requirements or call out fees.




You trust us with your home or your property, and we will never take this trust for granted or abuse it.



Friendly and considerate.

We are a small company and we pride ourselves on a service that’s professional but personal, considerate and friendly. We will do everything to understand and fulfil your specific needs -- with a smile.



Environmentally friendly.

If you want to minimise use of chemicals in your home, we will only use environmentally - friendly products if and when necessary and use steam cleaners and natural products where at all possible. There is no extra charge for this service - just let us know.






We accept cash, cheque and payment by bank transfer. For regular clients, we issue invoices monthly or fortnightly, according to your preferences and prior agreement.

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